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The Journey Begins

Wisconsin is such a beautiful and diverse state! Every time I go to a new Wisconsin State Park I’m amazed at all the wonderful places we have right here in the badger state. I’ve been taking my family on a quest to see all the Wisconsin State Parks. Tt has been so fun to explore all the different regions. We have been to over 3/4’s of the parks so far and I continue to be impressed by the quality and beauty of our State Parks. The is a journal of our travels and hopefully a resource for others looking to explore the parks.

I have always had a bit of wanderlust and I love to travel, go on adventures, and explore new places. I grew up in Wisconsin but moved Virginia Beach in my late 20’s. It is crazy how many locals hadn’t seen the beautiful “tourist” destinations that were right in their own backyard. Knowing that this Wisco girl wouldn’t be out here forever, I made a point to see as many great places as I could. I went to the mountains and the beaches, I saw the waterfalls and the whales. I went to roof top bars, dive bars, and sand bars. When I met my husband he had been living in Virginia for 15 years. I still brought him to plenty of new places that he’d never been to!

When it was time to move home, to be closer to family, I wasn’t sure how it would affect my adventuring. Would I find enough fun things to do in the state that I had already lived in for so many years? I started off exploring my own hometown. I was pleasantly surprised both by some of the changes and by some of the great stuff that had stayed just the same. That said, I still wanted to get back to traveling but, with kids in tow and an ongoing pandemic, the difficulty of traveling and exploring just kept growing. It seemed a bit overwhelming but being someone that thrives on travel, I had to find a way to get it back into my life.

I was looking over a list of goals I had written awhile back and on it was “Visit all the Wisconsin State Parks.” What a great goal for me to work on! Checking out the beautiful local sites suddenly seemed like a no brainer. The kids will have fun, the pandemic doesn’t interfere much, it is budget friendly, and won’t take up too much vacation time! I was sold.

I bought a beautiful map from MediaevalMapMaker and started on planning!

Wisconsin State Parks Map, hand drawn by MediaevalMapMaker

I love this goal now even more than I did when I started. Despite the many years I’ve spent here in the badger state, there were so many places I hadn’t ever seen. There is so much of the state I had never experienced. We live in a such a beautiful place! Every time I find myself in a new area of Wisconsin, I’m amazed at how much beauty is here. While planning my trips I found some helpful resources but nothing that was reliable for all the parks. I hope you can find some information here to make your next trip a little easier. On Wisconsin.

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